Mads Munk

Mads Munk, CEO and Founder M2 Animation, black and white photo against a black backdrop
M2 Group
Founder, Owner, and Group CEO of The M2 Family.

Mads Munk, a self-taught entrepreneur from Denmark founded M2 in 2001.

In 2012, he expanded M2's animation production into Asia and established M2 Animation studios from scratch, instilling M2's unique culture, quality, and ethical standards.

Now, operating as M2 Animation Group A/S, the company has a global presence with studios in Denmark, Bangkok, Mumbai, and Los Angeles. With a team of 450+ artists, M2 continues to grow. Clients include global giants like Warhammer, LEGO, Disney, NBC Universal, Apple, and more.

From 2011 to 2022, under Mads' leadership, The M2 Family earned 102 awards, including ‘Production Company of the Year’ in Denmark, 7 for the LEGO Friends series, Cannes Lions, Banff Rockie, The Telly, etc..

Mads is committed to continuous advancement in technology, product quality, and lasting partnerships, guided by the mantra 'We Are Always in Development.'

Mads primarily divides his time between his homes in Denmark and Los Angeles.

For investment opportunities, strategic partnerships and business expansion, contact Mads Munk.

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