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Welcome to M2 Animation – An Award-Winning, Script-to-Screen Studio. M2 was founded in Denmark in 2001. Since then, the M2 Family has grown to a global team of 450+ artists. With offices in Denmark and Los Angeles, and state-of-the-art studios in Bangkok and Mumbai, combining Scandinavian sensibility, North American standards, and Asian craftsmanship.

Crafting More Than Frames: Whether it’s a full-fledged episodic series for international broadcasters, harnessing the power of Unreal for series production, or leveraging cutting-edge technology with AI tools in preproduction for our Director’s to test ideas, we seamlessly merge technology with our passion for storytelling. This synergy expands creative freedom for directors and artists. Our passion is to create the best product.

Experience Our Passion – Watch ‘A Story About Us’

The LEGO Legacy: M2 Animation originated from a historic collaboration with a name synonymous with creativity: LEGO. For over a decade, our partnership with this iconic Danish brand has shaped our foundational values and honed our skills. Producing more than 300+ episodes for this legendary brand, this alliance has laid the bricks (pun intended) for the award-winning animation powerhouse we’ve become today.




The M2 Family – From 2011 to 2022, we proudly earned 102 awards, including ‘Production Company of the Year’ in Denmark, 7 for the LEGO Friends series, Cannes Lions, Banff Rockie, The Telly, and more. Guided by our mantra ‘We Are Always in Development,’ our relentless dedication to storytelling, production excellence, and fostering long-term partnerships sets us apart.

Our Creative Melting Pot: At M2, we’re more than an animation studio; we’re a creative haven. We’ve designed our studios to be hotbeds for creativity, offering collaborative spaces. A diverse and multicultural team infuses our legacy with fresh ideas, making us a powerhouse where tradition meets relentless innovation.

Shape the Future With Us: If you’re seeking a partner that understands the nuances of animation, cherishes collaborative spirit, and respects the weight of legacy while pioneering into new territories, then M2 Animation is your destination. – let’s shape the future of animation together.

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portrait picture of Owen Hurley, HEAD OF STUDIO at M2 AnimationOwen Hurley, Head of Studio, M2 Animation, Bangkok

“The incredibly diverse styles and projects we excel at creating at M2 are only matched by the diversity of our amazingly talented crew and I’m super proud to be part of this award winning team.”

portrait picture of Kylie Ellis,  HEAD OF PRODUCTION at M2 AnimationKylie Ellis, Head of Production, M2 Animation, Bangkok

“What drew me to join M2 is the team’s pursuit of excellence, global diversity and collaboration. What I’ve fallen in love with is their desire to connect with audiences and understanding of storytelling. I am incredibly proud to be part of the team to provide guidance and a nurturing environment for artists to thrive.”

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