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M2 Animation’s Innovations in Previsualization and Real-Time Pipelines

At M2 Animation, we empower creativity through technology, riding the wave of major transformations in the animation industry thanks to rapid technological advancements. One key aspect of this change is how we’re incorporating real-time workflows into our previs and production processes, bringing significant benefits to our episodic productions.

Empowering Previs

We’ve embraced a game-changing approach to animation production. By going straight into in-engine previs, it allows our directors to work ‘on set’, choosing angles and lenses in a lit environment that closely resembles the final picture from the start. It’s streamlined our process and enhanced our storytelling, making previs an integral part of our workflow from concept to delivery.

Better, Sooner

From the very first animatic, we’re already reviewing lens choices, lighting, and effects. This iterative process allows our skilled character animators to refine performances rather than reinvent them.

By maintaining continuous refinement and improvement at every stage, we enhance the quality of the final animation and streamline the workflow, leading to faster turnaround times and superior results.

The New Blueprint for Production

In our approach, the final previs stage is where several key aspects of the project are decided and locked down. Our meticulous project management ensures that every element is thoroughly planned and approved before moving into the final stages of production, providing a solid foundation for a seamless and efficient workflow. These critical decisions include:

  • Story Flow: Establishing the narrative structure and pacing.
  • Scene Layout: Designing the spatial arrangement of each scene.
  • Blocking: Determining the positioning and movement of characters and objects.
  • Camera Angles and Movements: Planning the visual perspective and dynamic shots.
  • Basic Character Movement and Animation: Outlining preliminary character actions and animations.
  • Lighting and Mood: Setting the visual tone and atmosphere.
  • Visual Effects Indication: Marking where special effects will be integrated.
  • Preliminary Sound Design: Crafting the initial audio elements.
  • Approval for Final Models: Confirming the final 3D models for production.
  • Edit Lock: Finalizing the sequence of scenes for the editing phase.

Previs with Key Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are of course key in storytelling. To streamline the animation process, we’ve developed pre-built templated facial expressions, enabling us to drop them easily into previs and giving our character animators helpful guidance.

This approach is particularly effective in our LEGO productions. The accompanying film demonstrates how these facial expression templates are used in the previs stage of a LEGO project.

Main Pack Assets Build and Lighting

Early access to assets is crucial for creating effective previsualization. We utilize a combination of final and preliminary assets, accurately scaled, to expedite the previs process. These pre-assets are continuously replaced with final assets as the project progresses.

Real-Time Pipelines: Revolutionizing Production

Real-time pipelines facilitate parallel processes, allowing our creative teams to work on different aspects of a project simultaneously. This approach accelerates production and boosts creativity through continuous iteration and collaboration.

At the forefront of this transformation is real-time rendering, powered by game engines like Unreal Engine. This technology allows for rapid iteration, immediate feedback, and high visual fidelity, enabling directors and artists to experiment freely and make adjustments in real-time.


The future of animation at M2 Animation is framed by our creativity, cutting-edge processes and advanced pipeline technology. Our integrated previsualization (previs) and real-time rendering pipelines, powered by tools like Unreal Engine, streamline production and foster creativity. Early asset access and ongoing refinements ensure high-quality outputs. Through strong production processes, and great partnerships, we enhance efficiency and collaboration. 

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Executive Producer Ole Holm Christensen at M2 Animation

Ole Holm Christensen

Ole is an M2 veteran and has headed up countless live-action and animation projects in any production style imaginable. As Executive Producer Ole´s focus is on client management and the development of healthy and prosperous relations and collaboration. With a life long and deepfelt passion for film, animation, art and imagery, Ole is delighted to be working with premium brands like LEGO and Warhammer.


Head of Studio Owen Hurley at M2 Animation

Owen Hurley

Few executives can call themselves truly global leaders. Owen Hurley’s Emmy-nominated, diverse career has taken him from London to Sydney, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Bangalore, Paris, Mumbai, and now Bangkok. With extensive experience as an inspiring creative leader, director, and producer in both episodic and feature projects, Owen has spent many years in the gaming space. Initially serving as a cinematic director on AAA games, he later built a world-class game art and animation team. Working with clients like EA, Ubisoft, WB Games, Activision, and many other major developers.

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