Owen Hurley

Head of Studio
Owen Hurley, Head of Studio at M2 Animation, black and white photo against a grey backdrop
M2 Animation
Few Executives can call themselves truly Global Leaders. Owen Hurley's Emmy nominated, diverse career has taken him from London and Sydney, to Vancouver, Los Angeles, from Bangalore and Mumbai, to Paris and now Bangkok with extensive experience as an inspiring Creative Studio Head, Director and Producer in episodic animation, games and feature projects; balancing both innovation and excellence.

Owen’s 25 years of proven success and recognition comes with focused, intentional delivery, specializing in;

• Leadership – Building, empowering and leading strong, culturally diverse teams in pursuit of the creation of the extraordinary.

• Imagination – Delivering impassioned Creative Excellence in all genres of Animation – TV, Games, Film and Commercials. Owen drives the full range of Storytelling, Narrative structure Creative Direction, Extensive CGI Animation direction experience, motion capture, live action, editing, (and occasional bass playing)

• Production - Directing and Producing experience; building, leading and mentoring teams and guiding and managing overall studio direction, in many corners of the globe. Owen delivers high quality entertainment on time, on budget.

• Collaboration – Highly collaborative, mediation focused and conflict resolution geared decision maker. Experienced in relationship building and management between clients and corporate, supervisors and employees - execs and studios – managing creative expectations with budget restraints.

Our ability to deliver multiple services allows us to improve both scheduling and budgeting efficiencies. That way we can help clients create beautiful, effective campaigns and content for any screen.

  • Animation department 450cool people

  • We amaze6250people worldwide every minute

  • We distribute14037master files each year