Mads Munk

Founder & Group CEO
M2 Animation
With a passion for creativity, story telling, technology and entrepreneurship, autodidactic Mads Munk founded M2 more than twenty years ago in Aarhus, Denmark.

With humble beginnings in commercials, Mads has grown his organizations into award-winning international players and trusted partners in all things animation, film, commercials and entertainment.

The M2 family’s current success was built by his courage to change and see things that other people didn’t. By taking customer needs down non-traditional routes, expanding the business to cover the ever-changing needs in the creative media landscape, and having the guts to hire the vital creative force at each pivotal step, Mads has helped clients to amplify their content production in clever, efficient and distinct ways.

See my productions and roles on IMDb.

Our ability to deliver multiple services allows us to improve both scheduling and budgeting efficiencies. That way we can help clients create beautiful, effective campaigns and content for any screen.

  • Animation department 350cool people

  • We amaze6250people worldwide every minute

  • We distribute14037master files each year