Luka Bajt

CG Generalist
M2 Animation
Luka discovered his passion for animation through his love for filmmaking. After completing degrees in film, animation, and later VFX, Luka spent several years working in the animation industry, taking on various roles in various mediums. He worked in Slovenia, England, and Denmark, as a stop-motion animator, contributed to theater production, post-production, television, and ultimately found his home at M2 Animation.

Today, Luka utilizes his diverse background in animation to help bring the darkness and complexity of the Warhammer universe to life. Occasionally, he emerges from the shadows to work on colorful projects, such as Lego, or any of the other exciting endeavors at M2 Animation. Using his technical expertise in CG and real-time rendering, he is excited about how new technologies can breathe life into new captivating stories.

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