Kylie Ellis

Head of Production
M2 Animation
For more than 25 years, Kylie Ellis has been dedicated to bringing engaging animation to audiences around the world. Her production expertise is truly multi-faceted, and she is currently sharing her experience with M2 Animation as the Head of Production for the Bangkok and Mumbai studios.

Over the course of Kylie’s career, what has driven her is bringing the best entertainment to screen as a product of high-functioning, healthy teams working together to make the most of the budget, whatever the size. She has produced episodic and feature productions, utilizing platforms of all kinds (2D classical/digital, CG, real-time tech), and successfully led teams in-person/in-house as well as overseas.

One of the major motivators for Kylie is the continuous learning journey that is essential to working in animation. Of course the tools change, and the processes adapt. The evolution of technology requires agility and a compulsion for new knowledge. Even more exciting is the evolution of the talent working in the field. Kylie is passionate about collaborating with artistic, technical and production talent to provide a creative and respectful environment in which teams can thrive. This is how the best work comes to life.

To cultivate strong, collaborative partnerships with clients, both internal and external, Kylie employs intentional transparent communication and collective problem solving to ensure all parties are invested in the decision making process. Kylie’s love for animation and belief in the power of story-sharing extend beyond the M2 studio. As the Chair of Women in Animation, Vancouver Chapter, she empowers and advocates for people of underrepresented gender identities to claim their space in the animation industry.

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