Kwang Nuttakorn Trivittayakorn

Episodic Director
M2 Animation
Kwang boasts over ten years of experience directing both animated and live-action projects, including a significant six-year stint at M2.

Directing entails a variety of tasks, like writing scripts, guiding actors, and editing scenes. It's vital to stay sharp in these skills, especially when tackling fast-paced commercial projects with tight deadlines and no room for mistakes. While at M2, Kwang realized that we can make the most of the studio's capabilities to maintain our creative direction, even if it's not always perfect, which is a common part of the filmmaking journey.

Throughout his time at M2, he has applied his storytelling talents, visual style, and editing techniques to stir emotions in the audience, as seen in projects like War Hammer Interrogator's Jake. This achievement fills him with pride.

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