Benz Dejvisidh Vongchinsri

Art Director
M2 Animation
Benz's journey as an artist began as a Matte Painter and quickly advanced to a Concept Artist. His exceptional talent and leadership abilities earned him the role of Design Team Lead, and eventually Art Director. With over 10 years of experience in the animation industry, he currently manages the design team and collaborates with various departments to ensure the consistent visual direction of projects. He oversees both 2D and 3D projects, from concept to final render, and prioritizes artist involvement.

Benz's philosophy is to foster a sense of ownership and empower artists to produce their best work in a practical and realistic way. He is a travel enthusiast and takes interest in the history and culture of the places he visits, which helps bring authenticity to his projects. Additionally, he is always exploring the latest technology and how it can empower artists.

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