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M2 Animation is an award-winning animation studio. Home to 450+ artists, with offices in Denmark and Los Angeles, and state-of-the-art studios in Bangkok and Mumbai. M2 is known for our animated TV series and Cinematic trailers for clients like Warhammer, LEGO, Disney, NBC Universal’s Peacock, and many more. Experience Our Passion – Watch M2 Animation ‘A Story About Us’

Below, we’ll highlight our expertise in creating animated Game Trailers, Brand Trailers, Cinematic & TV Series, and in-game cinematics—all executed with profound respect for each brand and its globally dedicated fans.

We’ll also highlight how we collaborate with Warhammer and share our excitement about how the lines between animation and gaming are blurring in this new era of animation.

“Let the Work Speak for Itself”


WARHAMMER: Pariah Nexus



For this project, M2 was featured on Unreal Engine’s website
Unreal Engine’s website: Discover the full story here


Warhammer 40,000

“We Use State-Of-The-Art Technology”


Bridging the Worlds of Animation and Gaming

M2 Animation thrives on empowering our artists and tech experts. We blend creative innovation and tech know-how with smart work approach, placing ourselves at the forefront of both the animation and gaming industries. The goal is always clear—more creative freedom and a relentless focus on visual quality. Today, our Unreal pipeline is a vital tool for M2 Animation directors and artists across our locations.


Unlocking New Possibilities with Unreal Engine

With Unreal as a backbone, along with a range of cutting-edge tools, we’ve unleashed creativity and harnessed it with unmatched efficiency across various projects for the past years—be it cinematic trailers or TV series. We’re taking the art of animation to new heights by pushing Unreal to its boundaries. By incorporating live-action techniques, we’ve evolved Unreal from a gaming asset to a groundbreaking film tool, disrupting the animation industry.

“Bringing a Live Action Vision to Animation”

Watch this behind-the-scenes film to explore the creative freedom and live-action techniques
that drive our artists’ work in Unreal.

“We Love What We Are Doing”

This is an internal video that shows some of the various tools we use, from creating storyboards in Dreams on a PlayStation(!) to utilizing motion capture. The essence is that we have a playful approach, and we apply our live-action experience to create great animation. See for your self below !!!



Ole holm Christens, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, M2 Animation

Ole Holm Christensen

Ole is an M2 veteran and has headed up countless live-action and animation projects in any production style imaginable. As Executive Producer Ole´s focus is on client management and the development of healthy and prosperous relations and collaboration. With a life long and deepfelt passion for film, animation, art and imagery, Ole is delighted to be working with premium brands like LEGO and Warhammer.


Owen Hurley

Few executives can call themselves truly global leaders. Owen Hurley’s Emmy-nominated, diverse career has taken him from London to Sydney, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Bangalore, Paris, Mumbai, and now Bangkok. With extensive experience as an inspiring creative leader, director, and producer in both episodic and feature projects, Owen has spent many years in the gaming space. Initially serving as a cinematic director on AAA games, he later built a world-class game art and animation team. Working with clients like EA, Ubisoft, WB Games, Activision, and many other major developers.

“Get to know more about M2.

Watch ‘A Story About Us.’”

We Love Animation

Our ability to deliver multiple services allows us to improve both scheduling and budgeting efficiencies. That way we can help clients create beautiful, effective campaigns and content for any screen.

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