LEGO City - mini series

The Amazing "LEGO City" Universe

The LEGO City – a big city almost like any other normal city! The LEGO City got law enforcement, an airport, trains, a bank, shops, construction sights, civilian services – oh, and spaceships!

Every story follows the citizens of LEGO City in action packed adventures. Join the space crew on a brick serious mission to Mars and their risky trip back home to LEGO City. Or go for a rescue mission with the coast guards of LEGO City, and an adventurous treasure hunt in the jungle where danger lurks around every corner. There is lots of adventures ahead!

Animation Produced

55 episodes of short form content

One of the best LEGO online shows...
More than 500 million views on LEGO's YouTube

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A script-to-screen long and short form animation studio

Our animation studio consists of more than 230 CGI artists and the team is growing. We can take a project through a full production cycle: Creative development, directing, storyboarding, editing, modeling, rigging, layout, animation, lighting, fx, compositing and grading.

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