"Always Together" - DVD

Three stories with the LEGO Friends girls

Our five best friends - Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Emma, and Stephanie - are together again in three challenging, secretive and fun-filled episodes on DVD.

A talent show has come to Heartlake City, and all the girls enter the competition hoping to impress the judges, especially their idol, pop star Chloe, in "Andrea's Big Moment".

No one is more excited than Olivia about science camp at a beautiful, rocky offshore island with a lighthouse. But Olivia quickly gets off on the wrong foot with a mysterious girl named Kate who seems obsessed with a medallion necklace and the island's rumored history of pirates and treasure in "Kate's Island".

The girls have come for breakfast at the fanciest hotel in town, now owned by Andrea's family. When Andrea's aunt has to leave town, the girls volunteer to run the hotel for the weekend with the help of quirky Grandma Jean in "The Grand Hotel".

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3 x 22 min films

Flying High in the Sky

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