Fah Chayapim Warashinakom

Production Manager
M2 Animation
Fah is a skilled project manager with a whimsical side – her dream is to receive a Hogwarts acceptance letter. She brings 8 years of experience in project management to the table, and has been working in the entertainment industry for 5 years. Fah has a strong background in CG and VFX, live-action production, and on-site CG-VFX shooting. Despite the intensity of managing projects, Fah injects levity into her work by cracking jokes and spreading joy to her team. To Fah, producing imaginative, beautiful animation is serious business, but there's always room for a good laugh. :blush: Why so serious when we produce such fun, creative, and beautiful animation!

Our ability to deliver multiple services allows us to improve both scheduling and budgeting efficiencies. That way we can help clients create beautiful, effective campaigns and content for any screen.

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