Surfacing Supervisor

M2 Animation is looking for an experienced Surfacing Supervisor
M2 Animation is a part of M2 Group which is a Danish owned company. M2 Animation is an English-speaking international CG studio operated with North American standards & Scandinavian sensibilities. Our modern studio has a high standard with ambitious employees and an informal atmosphere.

From storytelling to design, modeling to texturing, camera layout to animation & lighting, effects to color grading, our 200+ M2 family is a melting pot of experienced talents from more than 20 nationalities all over the world.

We are now looking for a new colleague to create TV Series, TVCs and High-Spec Short Format Films for our big-name clients.

The Position:
We are looking for a skilled, and friendly Surfacing Supervisor with strong management skills and who’s happy to engage in collaborative discussions, to help us continue to produce high-quality visual images for a variety of script-to-screen formats of CG animation: including 22 minute episodes, 2 to 5 minute short films, and commercials. 

In addition to managing and developing the structure of the surfacing department, The Surfacing Supervisor will lead a team of talented artists by efficient time/task management, creating strong examples as guidelines, and implement a variety of procedures (technological and technique oriented) to improve the effectivity of the department.

To be successful in this role you need to be a true team player and passionate about helping to create the best environment for the production. You will collaborate with variety of stakeholders (Producers, Managers, Supervisors, Pipeline, and Artists) and you will have to be a good listener, sparring partner and be able to analyze input, prioritize needs and execute in partnership. 

Main Responsibilities Include:

  • Bidding on all work and driving the overall texturing / lookdev schedule, and balancing artistic and productivity requirements, in    tandem with production management and other department Supervisors.
  • Consults with the CG Supervisor, the Model Supervisor, and the Lighting Supervisor, to assess the technical feasibility of elements in the designs and suggest production friendly solutions that will maintain the vision of the show.
  • Work closely with the Modeling/Rigging/Render/Animation Supervisors in order to ensure a good pipeline implementation.
  • Attend all relevant show production and team meetings to promote effective communication throughout the show production team
  • Works directly with Texture & Surfacing Artist, TD and Pipeline to manage troubleshooting and technical efforts in pipeline workflow   development.
  • In collaboration with Production, assigns work to texture & surfacing artists based on their individual skills and strengths, as needed.
  • Responsible for reviewing the work of each Surfacing Artist.
  • Responsible for guiding artists overall professional development, providing performance feedback, facilitating overall team building efforts, and maintaining positive morale amongst the crew.
  • Participates in the recruiting and staffing of the surfacing team - assesses the work of prospective candidates for the hiring process and works with Recruiting and Talent Management on hiring decisions, as needed.
  • Interacts with production, supervisors and team/ peers in order to problem solve and share information related to show/ assigned tasks.
  • Supervise, as well as contribute to, the design, creation, and implementation of textures.
  • Works with other departments to communicate Surfacing needs.
  • Assign, supervise and review the work of the texturing & surfacing team.
  • Be available to answer questions from the team.
  • Check the consistency of the work. Anticipate, analyze and find solutions to potential and actual technical problems.

Skills & Technical Knowledge Requirements: 
• Experience in shader texture lookdev work.
• Proficiency in the application and use of textures in one or more 3D applications (Maya strongly preferred).
• Proficiency in Substance, Adobe Photoshop. Mudbox,Zbrush and procedural texture.
• Minimum 8-10 years’ work experience in 3D CG for digital animation or visual effects film. 
• Strong communication and organizational skills required.
• Strong knowledge of Redshift and other render engine.
• Good knowledge of 3D sculptures and UV mapping tools.
• Thorough understanding of techniques required for the interpretation of design and materials.
• Ability to train and guide a team
• Ability to manage a team

At M2 Group we care for people. Diversity & Inclusion are embedded in our values and we believe in creating a work environment where all co-workers feel welcomed, respected, supported and appreciated, no matter who they are or where they come from. We believe in teamwork and that we can only succeed together.

Terms of employment, salary and benefits will be individually negotiated. In case of relocation we will provide support.

The position is open from February 2020, but we are happy to wait for the right candidate.
Can you see yourself in our M2 Family? Then we would love to hear from you. 

Please send your application to: 

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