M2 Animation Studio – an international CG Animation studio that is part of the M2
Group - is looking for a new colleague to lead teams of artists in producing a
variety of series-format animation: Tween, 2D, preschool, etc.

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Contact – Marty Knox (Head of Studio)

The Position:
We require a positive-thinking, flexible, calm, hands-on, Producer with strong
interpersonal skills to join our multinational studio and help us lead world-class,
animation series to successful delivery.
The Producer must be able to pre-plan projects (schedule & economy), forecast
completion, efficiently solve issues, communicate effectively internally & with
clients, and deliver with confidence. You will be expected to ignite performance &
contain expectations between Client, Director, CG Supervisor, Studio Management,
Supervisor and Artist.
Understanding of eastern cultural nuances is ESSENTIAL.

The position is open from June 2019

Main Responsibilities Include:
• Plan, execute and deliver the best quality project, from beginning to end.
• Collaborate with the Client to understand their expectations and help
them fill in the gap where they lack experience and knowledge of the
• Create a United Plan for a project in collaboration with Director and CG
Supervisor and represent this plan to the Crew & Clients.
• Keep the crew productive, motivated and proud of their work, while
maintaining the United Plan.
• Constantly communicate with the Client and key staff to manage and
align expectations of quality and output.
• Learn to work within our studio’s methods, while being able to handle
your projects’ and clients independently.
• Lead a team of Directors, Managers, Coordinators, Supervisors & Artists,
using the existing studio Systems and Procedures.
• Forecast problems to prevent production blocks early and bring solutions
in a collaborative environment.
• Report project status to Head of Studio.
• Help to assess quality & skill of new applicants.
• Treat all members of the crew with equal respect and deliver instructions
in a polite and professional manner.
• Collaborate within a team of producers across multiple projects to share
experience and solve problems together
• Inspire and challenge yourself and the Crew to exceed expectations!
Skills & Technical Knowledge Requirements:
•MS Office
•Be technologically savvy to adapt to new ways of working
•At least 5 years of experience in the field of series animation
•Some experience working either in Asia, or with Asian companies
•Knowledge of global market prices for animation production
•Full understanding of the lexicon of CG and/or 2D animation
•Leadership and management skills, with an ability to multitask various projects
•Able to work under strict deadlines, and a steady hand under pressure

We Offer:
•1 return flight in to Bangkok, returning to destination of choice
•2 weeks paid accommodation upon arrival (flexible if required)
•Worker Entry Visa
•Work Permit, renewable every 12 months
•6 paid vacation days, 5 paid personal days & 16 paid public holidays per year
•Careful and Intelligently planned schedules
•Considerably low tax rates
•Low cost of living/High standard of living (an excellent combination)
•Mental Health rewards, in the form of: great weather, tropical islands, jungles,
foodie paradise
•Salaries - commensurate with an excellent lifestyle in Thailand - are negotiable
in person
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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